What You Get

This suite is supplied in four separate editions. This document refers to the Full edition, which includes all features and components. Other editions are described below.

Components-1Package Content

The package contains the following files and folders (the files below were created solely by JVEsoft ltd.):

  • pdf – this technical manual
  • *.pas – the suite source code
  • * – runtime package files
  • * – design time package files


Several libraries are included with this distribution. All of them are freely available as downloads from their respected owners. The latest versions at the time of packaging were used. These files all have an extension “a” or “jar” and their names are self-explanatory. They are only used for iOS and Android platforms.


In addition to these, the following folders are included:

  • Component Icons – self-explanatory.
  • Compiled Packages, Android, iOSDevice, iOSSimulator, OSX32, Win32, Win64 – compiled component suite (due to download size considerations, only built using Delphi 10.4 Sydney; you can recompile them using another version).
  • Demo App – a simple demo app, presenting some of the components at work.


JVE Suite Editions

Four editions of the JVE Suite are available. They differ in the set of components, they provide. Separate manual or demo is not made for each of the editions, except for the Full one and the user is advices to purchase the Full edition.

In addition to the Full suite, the following more limited variations are included:


Ads Support

Native Tools

Opening URLs
Google Analytics
Persistent Storage
Opening URLs
Chartboost, Facebook and AdMob
Banners and Interstitials
AdMob Support and Mediation
PubNative and MobFox
Native Ads Presentation
Embedded Browser
Opening URLs
Sending Emails
Social Networks Support
App Store Presentation
App Rating Reminder
Persistent Storage
In-Progress App Shading
Layout Controls

Regardless, of the differences above, all editions are provided with their lifetime updates included.