Sending Emails

File: JVE.Email.pas Inheritance: TComponent ⬅ TJVEEmail

This component provides a way for the user to send an email with some default content. Native interface is used, if available, otherwise the default email application is used. The properties exposed by this component are:

  • Subject and Body – default subject and body for the email.
  • IsHTML – specifies whether the Body is in plain text format or HTML.
  • ToRecipients, CcRecipients and BccRecipients – default list of recipients for the email.


While no events are exposed, the following instance methods are available:

  • Send – opens the email composition window, allowing the user to send the email.
  • CanSend – use to check whether native interface for email composition, if any, is available. Even if this function returns False, you can still call Send, default email application will then be used as fallback. On platforms, which do not have a native interface, this function always returns True.


The native interface is available in iOS and Android; for other platforms default email application is used. Example presentation is as follows: