Embedded Browser

File: JVE.Browser.pas Inheritance: TComponent ⬅ TJVEBrowser

jvebrowserThis component allows you to open a web browser in a popup modal dialog. The list of properties exposed is:

  • URL – this is the URL to open; you must provide a scheme for this component to always work correctly (for example “http://”).
  • Title – the title to give the browser dialog.


The events exposed are:

  • OnStarting – occurs before a page begins to load (for example when clicking a link). You can use it to check the URL and decide whether the click should be allowed or ignored or even if the browser should be closed.
  • OnLoaded – occurs when the page was successfully loaded.
  • OnError – occurs on loading errors. Default behavior is to present an error and close the browser.
  • OnClosed – occurs when the browser was closed (by the user or via OnStarting).


The methods available in this component are: Open, Close and IsOpen (pretty self explanatory) and OpenURL(URL,Title) – convenience class procedure, which constructs TJVEBrowser, presents it and frees it, after the user closed it.


The presentation of the browser dialog is platform dependent: