Configuring Mac OSX

Requirements for Mac OS in-app purchases make it incompatible with debugging from within Delphi: the first app execution must be from Finder and since with Delphi each execution is a first execution, Delphi will not be able to debug the app.

If you are using in-app purchases, you will not be able to run the RELEASE build from within Delphi and you will not be able to submit DEBUG build to Mac App Store. In other words, you cannot debug in-app purchases in Delphi. You can run the application locally on your Mac and, if built in RELEASE configuration, you will be able to perform in-app purchases, but not debug the process.


For Mac OS 64-bit support, you need to import several Mac OS frameworks. Follow the same steps, given for iOS above, but for the following frameworks: “SystemConfiguration”, “StoreKit” and “WebKit”.

Also, similarly to iOS, you would need to provide Mac OS 64-bit “Options passed to the LD linked”, as follows:

-framework SystemConfiguration -framework StoreKit -framework WebKit