Social and Push Notifications

Connecting with your audience on social networks is more important than ever. Our social components help you share content to Facebook, Twitter, and SinaWeibo. You also want to keep your audience coming back to your Delphi Firemonkey app which is why our Push Notification components can help you retain the users you already have.


jvesocialTJVESocial Social Shares

The TJVESocial component allows you to share a text, URL, and image with Facebook, Twitter, and SinaWeibo. This component takes the guess work out of sharing content to these services and easily allows you to implement the functionality from within your Delphi Firemonkey app.


jvepushTJVEPushNotification Push Notifications

This component implements the Push Notifications support, with regard to the Operating System integration. Push notifications support, provided below, does not work in Windows or in  iOS Simulator (i.e. only Android and iOS Devices and Mac OS X 10.7 or later).


TJVEPushWoosh PushWoosh

jvepushwAs mentioned above, the TJVEPushNotification component only takes care about the operating system integration, not communications with any push notifications provider server.

The TJVEPushWoosh component provides an interface to the PushWoosh service for push notifications delivery; see for more details. This component takes care of all the required communications with this server.