Multi Platform


All the components can be used on all the platforms, supported by Delphi XE4 – 10.4.2 Sydney (Android not being available in Delphi XE4; some functionality not available in XE5): iOS Device, Android, Mac OS X and Windows (Windows Store integration is only available since 10.3 Rio), except for Linux.

Not all features are supported on all platforms (for example advertising is only available on mobile), but fallback features are provided (fallback to in-house ads, for example) and no component will fail on a wrong platform.

All these components were thoroughly checked in Delphi XE4 – 10.4.2 Sydney and running on a real Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.8.4 – 11.2.2, various Android phones and tablets, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (however no warranty implicit or explicit is provided with this suite).

Configuring Android

Configuring IOS

Configuring Mac OSX

Configuring Windows