Ads and In App Payments

Monetizing your apps is an important part of a consumer app on the various app stores. Our banner, interstitial and native ads components provide a variety of options to implement ads: Chartboost, PubNative, MobFoxAdMob, Facebook Audience Network and even your own custom ads. Our payment components help you integrate your Delphi Firemonkey app with Apple IAP, PayPal, and Android IAP.


jveadmobTJVEAdMob AdMob and Facebook Audience Network Banners

AdMob is an ad service provided by Google for mobile apps. If you are looking at monetizing your consumer apps in Delphi Firemonkey with advertising this could be a good component to use.

The component wraps the functionality provided by Google in the form of the Admob SDK. You should be able to use this component on both Android and IOS. There is also a TJVEAdMob interstitial component.

The component has properties like AdDelay, AutoSize, UserAgeYears, UserGender, and UserKeywords to name a few.


TJVENativeAd TJVENativeImage TJVENativeLabel Native Ads Engine

Our native ads presentation engine works with MobFox and PubNative as well as your in-house ads and allows you to integrate ads into your GUI seamlessly; looking exactly like the rest of your app.


TJVEMobFox TJVEPubNative MobFox and PubNative Services

Integration with two ad exchange networks is available out of the box with this component suite: MobFox and PubNative.


TJVEInterstitials Interstitials

jveinterInterstitials is the advertising industry name for ads that can popup in front of the user and take up all or part of the screen. The TJVEInterstitial component allows you to implement ads like this within your Delphi Firemonkey apps on Android and IOS.


TJVEAppFlood TJVEChartBoost TJVERevMob TJVEAdMobInterstitial Third Party Banners And Interstitials

Three large ad components on Android and IOS are ChartBoost, RevMob, and AppFlood. These three companies have SDKs for both Android and IOS. The JVESoft component suite providers wrappers for these SDKs which allows you to use this advertising from within your Delphi Firemonkey apps. It can be difficult to wrap all of these SDKs yourself so our components really make it easy for you to include these ad networks in your apps.



TJVEPayment Payments

Apps released through the app stores need to use the payment methods provided by the Android, IOS, and Mac app stores. The TJVEPayment component wraps the functionality of these three SDKs are provides you an easy to use component from within Delphi Firemonkey. Additionally, it also provides support for payments via PayPal. So for apps that are not distributed through the main app stores or for enterprise applications you can use PayPal for payments easily with this SDK integration.