Helpers and Utilities

Whether it is sending an email, opening a URL, embedding a web browser, optimizing your app layout, or storing settings in your app our helper components can streamline your app creation process. Supporting all of this functionality across Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac can be difficult but using our components makes it easy in Delphi Firemonkey.


jveemailTJVEEmail Email

If you want to send an email from a mobile device it can be tricky. The TJVEEmail component makes it easy for you to send an email from your Delphi Firemonkey apps. It has standard properties like Subject, Body, and ToRecipients.

TJVEBrowser Browser

jvebrowserYou may want to show a web page from within your Delphi Firemonkey app and the TJVEBrowser component makes that easy. Simply set the URL and call Open to launch a Web Browser dialog that floats over your application. There is also an OnClosed event provided.



If you want to open a URL in the default web browser of the device instead of in a window within your own app you can use this component to do so.


TJVEAppStore App Store Presentation

This component allows the user to view an app in the app store (could be used for cross promotions, for example). In case the app is available for several platforms, the component can choose the best app to suggest.


TJVEShade In-Progress App Shading

This component allows the user to present a shade over the app, letting the user know a lengthy process is being performed.


TJVEConfiguration Persistent Storage

This component provides a simplistic way to store application settings or configuration in a nonvolatile memory (Windows Registry or platform-dependent alternative).


TJVELayout Layouts

These layout controls were created specifically to make dynamic size screens easier to develop. While FMX comes with a TGridLayout, it is really no match to the VCL TGridPanel.