Components-1This Delphi XE4 – 10.2 Tokyo cross platform component suite, by JVEsoft ltd., features 27 components (7 controls and 20 non-visual components) and provides access to a wide array of features, expected from modern applications.

The components provide the following general functions:

  • Variable screen-size oriented layout
  • Embedded browser
  • Email sending
  • Twitter, Facebook and SinaWeibo sharing
  • In-App purchases (via AppStore, Google Play and/or PayPal)
  • Viewing products in AppStore and Google Play
  • App Rating reminders
  • Google Analytics
  • Chartboost, RevMob, AppFlood, AdMob interstitial advertising
  • AdMob and iAd banner advertising
  • MobFox and PubNative native advertising
  • Generic banners, native and interstitials support
  • Push notifications (raw requests or via PushWoosh service)
  • Persistent storage and in-progress app shading


All the components can be used on all the platforms, supported by Delphi XE4 – 10.2 Tokyo (Android not being available in Delphi XE4; some functionality not available in XE5): iOS Device, iOS Simulator, Android, Mac OS X, 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows (Windows RT is not currently supported).

Not all features are supported on all platforms (for example advertising is only available on mobile), but fallback features are provided (fallback to in-house ads, for example) and no component will fail on a wrong platform.

All these components were thoroughly checked in Delphi XE4 – 10.1 Berlin and running on a real Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.8.4 – 10.12.4, various Android phones and tablets, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (however no warranty implicit or explicit is provided with this suite).


Here is what you will find inside the package (see Package Content section for details):

  • Runtime package, compiled for Debug and Release for all platforms
  • Design Time package, compiled for Debug and Release
  • Well commented source code for the entire pack (about 18,900 lines)
  • Where needed, instructions on making it work
  • Original latest Chartboost, RevMob, AppFlood, AdMob and iAd mediation libraries
  • Demo App – a simple app showing some of the modules of this pack in action