Windows and Mac versions of JVElaser are available for download (Windows version downloads directly, while Mac version is available from the Mac App Store).

This version of the app you can download from this site and from the app store is the Free Version. This version is fully functional, but has a couple of limitations as follows:

  • The maximum output size is 40mm by 30mm (or 1.6” by 1.2”).
  • The minimum laser focus point supported by the free version is 0.1mm (or about 4mil).
  • Non-commercial use only.

If an attempt to create a G-code for a larger output is made, the app will simply crop the output to that size (note: crop, not resize).

Unlocking the full version is possible from within the free version by clicking on the Details button and then the Purchase button.

  • In macOS this is done using the standard App Store purchase.
  • In Windows this is done via a PayPal payment (your browser will open PayPal’s secure website; once you have completed the purchase, simply click Restore Purchase button within the app).

In all platforms, the full version costs just $14.99 as a one-time payment.

The full version is fully licensed for commercial use.